Eurasia Marathon CHALLENGE

挑戦 感謝と勇気を伝えたい -paris to shanghai-

What is Eurasia Marathon?

It is an ambitious plan of ordinary people, not athletes, to cover Eurasian continent, i.e. approximately 13,300 km on foot in one year.
Persistently you have to pursue for goals and dreams, and it's irrespective of age or environment. I would be very happy if I could convey "Age is no bar. Anybody can take any challenge at any age" to many people through this reckless challenge.
We will never forget to be thankful that we take this challenge and we will continue running.


挑戦するランナー 3名(70歳、49歳、27歳)
総走行距離 約13,300km
1日の走行距離 約43km
通過する国の数 14ヵ国 (フランス、ドイツ、オーストリア、ハンガリー、セルビア、ブルガリア、トルコ、イラン、トルクメニスタン、ウズベキスタン、キルギスタン、カザフスタン、中国、日本)
言語 13ヵ国語